Compliance with the Nagoya protocol on ABS : global strategy

"Becoming a leader on biodiversity and ABS. "

The company is a world leader in the production of  ingredients for the flavour and fragrance industries. It decided to position as a leader on biodiversity and ABS compliance. It required Julien Chupin to build internal capacity (human, organisational and management) and act as a technical support with key clients.

> Approach

  • Diagnosis (i.e. policy, system, practices and portfolio)
  • Review and update of the internal control system
  • Training and support to the project team and R&D researchers
  • Support to build taylor solutions to clients requirements

> Benefits

The company has a robust system to ensure compliance with ABS regulations. 100 internal researchers were trained on ABS and the curation of ABS information. Clients expressed their satisfaction with this approach.

Case studies

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