Sustainable sourcing strategy for natural ingredients

"Launch of 5 pilot projects around the world in partnership with the stakeholders."

World leader in the production of natural ingredients for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, the company wanted to anticipate customer demand for sustainable ingredients.

It asked It asked Julien Chupin to build internal capacity (people, organisation, system) and to build 5 pilot projects around the world.

> Approche

During this 3 year project :
Training of project team and executives
Benchmark of sustainable certifications
Diagnosis of CSR risks in the ingredients portfolio (climate change, biodiversity, traceability, working conditions, etc.).
Engagement of suppliers to improve their performance
In depth material analysis for sustainablity issues for the strategic supply chains
Conception and launch of pilot projects in 5 countries with local partners (sustainable use of plants, biodiversity regeneration, child labour etc.)
Development of a sustainable sourcing policy and an internal standard for suppliers and producers.

> Bénéfices

Thanks to the in house expertise, the company published its first CSR report in 2016 with a focus on sustainable sourcing. The pilot project on child labour won an industry award in 2017. Since the company integrated a supplier monitoring system to roll out its specification to its +900 supply chains.

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