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Biodiversity based value chains in Cameroun

"A spin-off to produce an innovative natural compost"

The Congo basin is home to the world second largest rainforest. It spreads accross 14 countries. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its international cooperation agency (GIZ) supports these countries to valorise their unique natural capital by creating sustainable and ABS compliant value chains. The objectives are to create rural employment and exploit  natural resources in a sustainable manner.

The GIZ asked Julien Chupin support for developping a valorisation pilot project at national scale in Cameroun.

> Approche

  • Stakeholders consultation to build consensus on project objectives
  • Facilitation of a national workshop to define the strategy
  • Development of a methodology for screening genetic ressources and related value chaines
  • Diagnosis of scientific knowledge and stakeholders capacities to seize key market opportunities
  • Selection of the most innovative scientific results
  • Support entrepreneurial development
  • Support to the national steering committee

> Bénéfices

A new company is being created to market an innovative compost based on an endemic micro-organism.
Creation of a manual for the valorisation of genetic ressource.

Thanks to this pilote experience, a new, larger project is being prepared.

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