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Sustainable transformation : ending ocean’s plastic pollution

"Building a scientific coalition to obtain a system change. "

European scientific institutions are launching a consortium to monitor ocean plastic pollution. It also wants to change the regulatory and industrial system to stop plastic polution. A roadmap had been prepared, but its implementation was only partial. It has asked Julien Chupin to facilitate a one day workshop to develop a vision and strategy in order to revitalise the collective dynamic.

> Approche

  • Participatory diagnosis of the problem to be targete to achieve a system change
  • Creation of a collective vision using collective intelligence
  • Definition of priorities to obtain quick results

> Bénéfices

The consortium has now a vision that brings together the various member interests. Thanks to the strategic priorities, they develop specific action plans. Recognizing the high relevance of this initiative, the European Commission’s Innovation Directorate invited the consortium to launch it in Brussels.

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