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Sustainable exploitation and conservation of biodiversity

"First UEBT certification in Africa!"

Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot. To fight deforestation, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation supported a Malagasy NGO promoting sustainable production of essential oils. This is a viable economic alternative to conserve biodiversity and improve the living conditions of small producers. Julien Chupin was tasked by the Nicolas Hulot Fondation to implement a sustainable production system for a 2 year project in 3 different sites covering an area of over 50 000 km².

> Approche

  • Field diagnosis on social, economic and environmental issues
  • Implementation of a biodiversity management system
  • Implementation of a voluntary carbon credit scheme
  • Benchmark of external sustainability certification
  • Development and implementatin of a strategy and action plan to obtain external certifications
  • Analysis of the business model of cooperatives producing essential oils
  • Negotiation with clients of fair price for the small producers
  • Negociation of pilot ABS contracts with local communities

> Bénéfices

The UEBT verification was achieved and the price paid to leaf collectors increased by 7%.
Carbon credits were sold on the voluntary market for a value of 100 000€.
The local cooperatives and export company have the know-how to ensure the sustainable exploitation of the plants and to remain certified.
Clients highlighted the sustainabiltiy perforamcne of the essential oils in their marketing promotion.

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Julien chupin

Sustainable sourcing consultant Julien Chupin, offers expertise on genetic resources, agricultural and non-timber forest products for food, cosmetics and biotechnology industries.

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