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A game changer for biodiversity conservation

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The Biodev2030 project seeks to mainstream biodiversity conservation and development through voluntary commitments in key sectors emerging from multi-stakeholder dialogues in 16 pilot countries. One of the main challenges is to get insights in stakeholders interest to come to…

Offre de solidarité – soutien aux petits producteurs

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Cette crise sanitaire confirme la pertinence de prendre soin des plus faibles et de régénérer la biodiversité pour assurer la performance des filières. A court terme, pour relancer et sécuriser l’approvisionnement des matières premières, l’urgence est d’accompagner les acteurs les…

Commercial opportunities for African genetic ressources in 4 key industries

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The project focus on identifying opportunities to valorize the economic potential of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge in the six countries, with a view to identifying universal lessons that could also be applied in other places

The project has…

Biodiversity based innovation as a lever for local economic developpement.

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Can the Nagoya Protocol on ABS become a lever for financing biodiversity conservation?

The Nagoya Protocol set out the framework for States holding genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge to get a share in the benefits derived by users.…