A game changer for biodiversity conservation

Publié le 26 September 2022

The Biodev2030 project seeks to mainstream biodiversity conservation and development through voluntary commitments in key sectors emerging from multi-stakeholder dialogues in 16 pilot countries. One of the main challenges is to get insights in stakeholders interest to come to joint solutions. How to support stakeholders that are not informed, do not believe, do not care, or do not have the means to enact change?

Biodev2030 requested Julien Chupin and LEAF to organise a workshop to engage its key partners with a demonstration run of MineSet, a game coupling ecological and social drivers of change in tropical forest landscapes, during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille in September 2021. Its title was “capacity building workshop to engage stakeholders”.

The report presents the session, the take home message, the bottlenecks to address for the efficient implementation of the Biodev2030 project and potential next steps. We also address some of the most frequent questions participants ask when they first discover this approach.

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